Jaffa and BCA 

Cannot say enough good things about the Jaffa Sports Show this past weekend. If you haven’t been to it before, it’s worth checking out. In Altoona and always the same time of year. I will be back next year. Also for those that don’t know, Jaffa is a great organization. They raise money for the Shriners Children’s Hospitals, where they provide treatment for children that are burn victims, cleft palate, amputees ect. And they don’t take a dime from the families. They even provide transportation to the families to the hospital. Amazing. 


seminar went great


Chillin at the booth with my lady

The book unveiling went well, looking forward to some feedback. Went through about 25 copies. 

“Advocating realistic, balanced trophy catfish management – for current and future generations of catfish anglers”

This is a what I feel is a great cause, I will be doing as much as I can to be involved and help spread the word. Click their picture to learn more. 

Soon time to get on the water!!

2 responses to “Jaffa and BCA 

  1. Thanks for mentioning Bay Catfish Advocates (BCA), Jaime. Your seminar was excellent, as was the entire Jaffa Sports Show venue. “Hats off” to you and to the Jaffa organization for an event well-done!

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    • Thanks Brad, so glad you reached out about the BCA, right now I have more time to promote, this summer my life will get very hectic with being on the river all night and trying to be a mom of 4 and catch bait and all my perform various business tasks during the day, no sleep, sleep is for when we’re dead. BUT I will do anything I can to help you guys out always! It may just taper back in the summer. I’m sure you understand.


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