Good start

Cats are off to a good start! 

River is holding steady around 4-4.3. Would like to see a little more. 
Water temps at Harrisburg 77 Marietta 82

Got to take Pautzke from WA state out for a night. To do some on the water promo for their new product Catfish Nectar. It’s proven it’s self worthy catching of flatheads, channels and walleye. Pretty cool stuff. 

Though I’m really just getting started for the season I’ve met some great people already. 
A global corporate company books a couple trips a year. Samtech. Has introduced many folks to Catfishing with BreakLine, from all over.  Many thanks to Jim that organizing the trips and Samtech of course. I got to take Raff and Henry from China and Taiwan out for their first time fishing recently. Needless to say, fun was had! 

Emily pulled an awesome 20lb flatty out of the northern area by City Island which was a welcomed catch and change up from the large 10-12lb channels frequently caught there. 

Looking forward to many more fish and memories. Hope everyone is having fun!


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