Weather is looking good this week!

Planning to get out Wednesday and Sunday this week, whether the boats done-done or not. Can’t wait anymore, got the bass itch bad!! Waiting on a Ram mount for the Helix 7 but I’ll at least get the Helix 10 back on for this week and the necessary accessories to make it legal. Talked to my vinyl guy today for a good bit. My bonefish logo is very complicated to print/cut. He said it will get done, but it’ll be a bit. So the Mad Catter may be logo-less for a bit. But one will go on the console and rear deck, eventually. The windshield is very welcomed new addition. Have always wanted one but my console is custom and no one had a “stock” one that would fit. Finally broke down and got one made and it’s perfect! That will protect my electronics. People tend to use them as handles to get in and out of the boat. CRINGE!!!! Even through there’s a huge hand rail on the other side haha, go figure. Anyhow this will keep hands off of the pricey electronics and I think it looks cool too! Really pleased with the rigs new look and even more pleased with the new rig that will be pulling it. Celebrating a decade, with a new look but the same old good times!

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