Mid March Madness

This weeks been crazy. River is rising yet again. Air temps have been 35-50 water temps still low-mid 40’s. One really rainy day in there too.

Scooped these stuffed animals out of the river. I was like “what the heck lol?!” Just never know what you’ll find out there. They are now boat mascots. My fb peeps named them “Fleecie J Styles and “Koopa.”

Took Jim out. We had fun and we caught fish, but they didn’t come in easy. We also got Dockside Willies on the boat. That was awesome.

Blew though a bunch of gas one day solo just marking the new structure. There are several year old log jams that are gone, washed away. And new ones have appeared here and there. Between the ice and the fluctuations the rivers a mess quite frankly. I like higher water and fluctuations for catfish. But for bass, I prefer lower and more consistent. Since I charter multi-species, I need to go out and be successful even when it’s not the way I like for one or the other. Makes for a lot of scouting and prep. But can’t figure this stuff out from the couch you know? I’ve re-marked shoreline to shoreline from City Island to west Fairview and up a little bit yet beyond. Between the debris obstacle course and the cold rain, it was not much fun. But I learned a lot. And even though I fish that area primarily for bass, I found a spot that if it’s ever high in the summer, it looks it’ll be prime catfish spot and I cannot wait to try. It’s a bit of a boat ride but I think it’ll be worth it.

Also found a cool canoe..Scanoe actually, on an island. Checked it out close. If I was in the market for a canoe, I think it would be a fun project. Minimal repairs and she’d be good to go. But it’s still there. Someone else will snatch it or it’ll get washed away this weekend. I feel like it was a productive week. The rise this weekend will keep me off of the river. But might get to the lake to see what’s going on there. I spent a lot of time on the lakes this winter, but that was drilling holes…I’ll be taking the boat instead of the sled this time.

Tomorrow is my last day at the ski shop for the season. I’m bummed a bit. I love that place and the people there. It was such a good winter! But I’ve got a fun charter season ahead and the shop to look forward to again next winter. I’m pretty lucky I think to have the jobs that I do. I love them both.

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